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Arquitecto: Alejandro Gómez (ABestudio)+Héctor Torres

Situación: Piloña, Asturias, España


Cliente: Gobierno de Asturias

Año / Estado: 2010 

Programa: Museo y Centro de Interpretación



An overwhelming extensive landscape, with thousands of greens to look at, and surrounded by mountains, valleys and meadows, drawn in all directions; it must remain unchanged. An excessively massive architectural object would disrupt its continuity. We propose to get up just a little from the ground, like a buried treasure being discovered that on its inside stores the archaeological remains that we will discover as we move inward.
A buried architecture, with a vertical horizon, diffuse along its length through the torn ceiling, double heights and light openings at its ends. Bringing to light archaeological remains, raising the container volume for just presenting it to the outside with a few meters. Cracks that open in the presence of sunlight and it is then when surfaces materialize. Only one roof, lying on the landscape, is responsible for trapping of the sun’s power. The conditions for the protection of the content objects are optimized for the land involved. The only supplement we take advantage of is the solar energy.
The interior is organized around a large buried space to which we descend and that, as the topography of a cave, it generates stands facing the main exhibition space. The path arriving to it is carried around light inputs that cross double heights which link us with the outside.
The space is softly illuminated by the light entering through the beams, which make up the large slab covering the ground case where the building is located. A concrete slab in continuity with the concrete perimeter walls, will ensure the perfect sealing of the buried part. The internal structure proposed has large prefabricated reinforced crossed-beams, that save a 15 meters span. Over this first family of beams, another group of beams is placed every 6 feet, the former ones are responsible for the longitudinal fissures of the proposal.


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