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Arquitecto: Héctor Torres + Manuel Galian 

                  Julio Muñoz Jaime Traspaderne

Situación: Budapest, Hungría


Cliente: Ayuntamiento Budapest- Europan-12

Año / Estado: 2013- Finalista

Programa: Urbanismos y Paisaje



Rythm generally means a “movement marked by the regulated succession of strong and weak elements, or of opposite or different conditions”. Rythm may also refer to a visual presentation as “timed movement through space” and a common language of pattern units’ rhythm with geometry.
The engine of this design is a sequential rhythm experience that guides visitors through a cinematic arrangement of bold chromatic juxtapositions of plants, water, topography and mix of uses. The interchange of rhythm gives the opportunity to the visitors to choose adjusted to their necessities, providing a different experience in terms of routes, speeds, feelings, uses and points of view. These nodes are considered mobility interfaces and are located in strategic areas creating a sense of place and destination along the project. The creek is enhanced as the ecological backbone of Zugló district that constitutes a magnetic pole for leisure, sports, playing, education and eco-technology.
Likewise, the project is based on the notion that resilient and eco-logically productive natural edges are formed as a gradual gradient from river bottom to land surface. Thus, it is important the identification of the mechanisms for meander recreation and the likely areas of their future occurrence is critical for managing flood and erosion hazards.
It should be remarked that the restoration of the creek will take place as a Natural Restoration Process and it will be a long term goal for the project. The project will reshape the line of the creek by enlarging and shrinking it as a result of the introduction of a catalogue of soft and hard edges.
The aim of the linear park is to create a dynamic landscape will change according with the rhythm of the seasons ensuring different experience each time. The project is seeking to create a flexible framework by establishing three important legacy concepts: connectivity, accessibility and activity. These three will ensure a vibrant experience and an ecological legacy for the district.



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