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Arquitecto:  Héctor Torres + Manuel Galian 

                  Julio Muñoz Jaime Traspaderne

Situación: A Coruña, España


Cliente: Ayuntamiento A Coruña- Europan-13

Año / Estado: 2015

Programa: Urbanismos y Paisaje



The main objective of CAMIÑO do MAR is provide accessibility towards the waterscapes, taking advantage of the seaboard as a platform for social interaction by providing new spaces for the community to enjoy and interact, also provide an urban and territorial infrastructure based in public spaces as a catalyst for the community. Thus, the project embraces existing territory assets and new vibrant urban platforms.
The project embraces and enhances the identity of the site taking into account each of its components as a core for social interaction. Giving accessibility to the waterscapes through a fiscal network based in the existing and the activation of the social interaction by providing the platforms and strategies are the key strategies of the project which are based in a model intervention already found in the Galician coast.
The urban pattern identifies a sequence of strategies and spaces along the city. The strategies to intervene along the coast are the result of the study of the different situations in relation to waterscapes. The strategies are divided into four concepts: CONNECT, REGENERATE, ACTIVATE AND DESIGN. The four are complementary and closely interrelated and they are apply to the project as a response of a thorough analysis and the relationship with the city.
The project is focused in four interrelated platforms of urban activity along the North – South axis of the site.
These platforms host the strategies that will be adapted to the context by connecting, regenerating and activating the site, and also by introducing residential and mix-used facilities that will define the structure of the new public areas.


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