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Arquitecto: Héctor Torres + Manuel Galian 

                  Julio Muñoz Jaime Traspaderne

Situación: Simrishamn, Suecia


Cliente: Ayuntamiento de Simrishamn- Europan-11

Año / Estado: 2011

Programa: Urbanismos y Paisaje



The development is based on urban qualities from the existing village, yet holds a new skyline typology composed of different shapes, which reinforced the identity of the village. The shapes of the roofs are the result of the movement of the houses related to the orientation (about sunlight and heating), the view of the surrounding landscape and the creation of communities.
The project takes care of the changes in the family standards. Currently Europe has a decreasing direction of the number of people per home. In other hand, the relations between the people are changing according to the new technologies. Different research speaks about the individualism and the way of life and this will be the reason to reconnect the people inside the city.
The project aims to create different scales of collectivism from the typology of shared houses, the small outside spaces shared by a group of houses, then bigger spaces shared by the houses of the project and finally, the new public spaces for the city and the identity public space of the territorial strategy.
The proposal increases the density in the site and creates a network of public spaces for the neighborhood and the city.
The main idea about urban scale is to create a new green space, to connect the existing paths in the historic city with paths network of the project and to create a network of activities along the waterfront. Smaller communities are created inside the landscape.
The flexibility of the plan, the diversity of typologies offer dwelling solutions for different people and changing needs.
Use the local technique to afford the winter and the rain and snow periods, but adding new ideas related to the landscape that would be a strategy to make different the natural areas and create a graduation of paths through the snow.
To make a sequence of spaces. That, all the elements are flexible in their internal order, also they are flexible about the different kinds of relations between them. The sequence is related to privacy, light, temperature and functions. In conclusion the goal of the scheme is able to admit different ways of life.


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