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Arquitecto: Héctor Torres

Situación: Montecanal, Zaragoza


Client: Privado

Año / Estado: 2015

Programa: Vivienda unifamiliar

Superficie: 360 m2

Colaboradores: Concepción Gutierrez (Estructuras)

Fotografías: Héctor Torres

The house as a courtyard, the house as a garden.
This is the dream home of a young couple that after starting their life together want to begin a family close to a beautiful garden.
The context is a single family houses suburb, a new development with a big catalogue of different kind of architectonic constructions in a rigid structure of repetitive plots. The more interesting views of the small plot are the vertical views to the sky. The urban regulations permit to be less than 4 meter one house to the next so there are many problems of intimacy and views. The house answer to the neighborhood as a enclose volume which is opened to the sky, to the patio and the garden.
The project main space is a big living area that connects with the garden and with a porch in which it would be possible to enjoy a smooth shadow during the warm summer. From here there are direct views to the outdoor areas, the garden and the patio.
The patio organizes the other parts of the house in relation to the orientation and their use, with bedrooms in the upper floor and a couple of terraces to enjoy the sky.
There is a double height in the living and a patio that crosses vertically all the house, allowing crossed views and the light to go into every space of the house. From all the points is possible to look though a different sequence of transparency and reflection effects that produce situations as to be surrounded by the green of the garden in the living room or the multiplication of space inside the basement.




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